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Simcoe Rising Star's Talent



Do You Have Talent? Do You Dream?

Dream Big?  Dreaming of being a Star?

Do you want to share your Talent? 

So much hidden talent in Simcoe. 

Simcoe Rising Star #dreambig was created last year. We wanted to bring Simcoe's Local talent together, to entertain and enlighten our communities with Extraordinary Talent from right in our own backyards. Some Talent never being seen or heard from before. Not only bringing our communities together to appreciate the Arts and entertainment by Local Artist but, also to bring the community together in sharing in an Event that gives back to the local chosen charity & causes. 

This Year 2019

we are supporting and, sharing funds with FTH

"Finding Them Homes"


Local Talent -How To Apply-Rules

Applying is Simple!

We Had over 100 Applicants Last Year!

With a line up going down the street!

All You Have to do is download the application found here, fill it out, sign it and then send your application and fees in together. Once received and processed you will receive an email with all the information you need for your first audition, including your number certificate.   

Not many Rules

You Must have a residence in Simcoe

You Must be over 6 Years old.

( No Max Age ) We encourage everyone.

If under 16 - Your parent/guardian must sign the application, along with your signature.

All Policies, Instructions, Rules, Audition Fees are all attached to the application for you to read over.


Giving Back To Community Causes

As growing Entertainers and & Artist. We can all agree that none of it is worth it, if were not giving something of ourselves back, paying it forward. Ourselves, the organizers of the Events and all sponsors and supporters we all truly believe,

 In Making Magic happen. Supporting each other's talents, 

sharing shinning moments and, helping out others.

 That is  what Simcoe Rising Star #dreambig is all about.

Its for everyone involved to Dream, to think Big, Dream Big and, to get excited about local Talent and Local Artist.

Get Excited about helping and growing community.

2019 Simcoe Rising Star #dreambig

Finale Our Top 12 will Shine on the Eve 

 Saturday September 21st 2019

6 Pm Doors Open

Theatre Style - Hot Apps-Candy Stations-Silent Auction-Grab Bags-Door Prizes & So Much More !!

Shared Proceeds from Tickets going to "FTH"

Finding Them Holmes

Supporting & Bringing Awareness - Finding Them Homes



Finding Them Homes-James Bay Pawsitive Rescue - Adoptable Dogs/Pups

About FTH

 Finding Them Homes – James Bay Pawsitive Rescue is a CRA registered, volunteer-run, donation-based charity. Our mission is to reach out to remote northern communities in Ontario in order to improve the lives of the people and dogs living there. We assist communities by rescuing their unwanted, injured or stray dogs. Our goal is to reduce the overpopulation of dogs in these communities. To accomplish this, FTH fundraises throughout the year to conduct spay/neuter clinics along the James Bay coast and the Kenora district north of Thunder Bay.

What FTH Does

 FTH works with more than 25 remote Ontario communities within the Kenora district and James Bay Coast areas.  Dogs are transported by plane, train, automobile and occasionally snow machine, to arrive in short term foster care until FTH can transport the dogs to Barrie. Once these amazing northern dogs make it to Barrie, they go straight into foster care, are vet checked, provided necessary treatment and placed for adoption. As you can imagine, volunteers are the backbone of our rescue. 

What they have already done and, doing.

 Since 2012 we have placed more than 2,200 happy dogs in loving and amazing forever homes, successfully run 12 spay/neuter clinics and helped reduce dog populations in a number of northern communities to manageable levels (especially along the James Bay Coast). Over the course of these clinics, we have spayed/neutered hundreds of dogs and vaccinated hundreds more. These clinics enable dog owners to keep their dogs without the unwanted heats and undesired puppies, and dramatically decreases incidents of dog aggression. These clinics also create an opportunity for FTH to provide community education on pet ownership. In 2019, FTH and our volunteers plan to continue our work in these communities by conducting a further 3-4 spay/neuter/vaccination clinics.  FTH is united by our love of NDD (northern designer dogs)!  

They need more Spay/Neuter Clinics.

 Spay/neuter/vaccination clinics are resource-intensive events. A team of veterinarians, veterinarian technicians and assistants - all volunteers - are transported to these remote fly-in communities by chartered aircraft after driving 12 - 14 hours. The team stays there for a number of days providing veterinary services to animals. The team also brings a number of supplies (dog food, blankets, leashes, collars, medications, puppy formula and crates) to leave with these communities. We are also able to leverage our relationships to provide education for people to help care for their pets. The average cost of running one clinic ranges from $13,000 - $20,000 depending on remoteness of the community. The only remuneration anyone receives is the satisfaction of having helped people and dogs in the community they served. 

#dreambig will Share Proceeds with FTH

Proceeds raised thru our Silent Auctions, Raffles and Our Dinner Theatre Ticket Sales will be collected and shared with FTH organization. #dreambig will also bring awareness to this important organization through al of its Event Listings, Promotional Items, Advertising with Posters, Sharing information and the need of this cause with sponsors. #dreanbig and all its contestants loof forward to helping this amazing and well needed cause.

Winners From Last Year 2018

1st Place Christine Jackson


Our First Place Simcoe Rising Star #dreambig Winner.

Christine Jackson of #jacksonmusic

Our 2018 #dreambig Winner

Won An Exciting Trip  

Grand Prize Trip,

 An All Inclusive Trip for 2  

Iberostar Cozumel Quintana Roo, Mexico

2nd Place Avery Parker


Avery Parker of #averyparker finished in 2nd Place winning herself an amazing prize of $1500 Cash.

3rd Place Lucas Candelino


Young Lucas Candelino #fiddlecandy and his amazing Talent with the Fiddle

came in 3rd place winning himeslf an amazing prize of $1000.

Auditions - Dates- Times - Location

First Auditions Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

First Auditions - Sunday April 14th, 2019

9 Am - 8 Pm

24 Ferndale Industrial Dr, Barrie

+ Event Details

First Auditions Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

First Auditions - Sunday April 14th, 2019

We Welcome All Talent From Across Simcoe County. 

Musicians, Singers, Bands, Dancers, Dance Clubs, 

Magicians, Comedians.

Ages 6 and Up!  (No Age max)

Auditions are returning to the same location as last year. 

Our Biggest Supporter and Sponsor.

Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

To Apply Download the application 

and, be sure to get you're applications and fees in. 

You Will see the judges in the order of your number. 

(first to apply first come first served)

9 Am - 8 Pm

24 Ferndale Industrial Dr, Barrie

Semi Finals Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

Semi Finals #dreambig - Sun, June 23, 2019

9 Am - 7 Pm

24 Ferndale Industrial Dr, Barrie

+ Event Details

Semi Finals Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

Semi Finals #dreambig - Sun, June 23, 2019

Semi Finals

Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

You've made it this Far, So Exciting.

You will perform an entire set of your Talent, with an amazing "returning from last year" Drum Roll Please.... 

Our incredible Production Company MTAV. 

You will be treated like the super Star you are and enjoy our #dreambig Hair & Make Up Services provided by local participating Businesses. 

All for making it to this stage in the competition.

Plus, Plus ....

Your Head Shots done by our Photographers.

9 Am - 7 Pm

24 Ferndale Industrial Dr, Barrie

Finale Top 12 Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

#dreambig Top 12 Sat, Sept 21, 2019

6 pm - 11 pm

24 Ferndale Industrial Dr, Barrie

+ Event Details

Finale Top 12 Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

#dreambig Top 12 Sat, Sept 21, 2019

Finale Top 12

Ferndale Banquet Hall & Catering

Congratulations to our Simcoe Rising Star 

#dreambig Top 12 Winners.

Tonight you will compete and shine in front of a Full House Audience. Enjoying An Evening of Dinner Theatre, Silent Auction, Hot Apps, Candy Stations, Grab Bags, Door Prizes, Cash Bar...The Best Part, The Entertainment Our Top 12. 

On this Night our judges will have the very difficult job of choosing our Top 3 Winners. 

First, Second, and, third.

Winning Amazing Prizes brought to you by,

 Our Events Sponsors.

Good Luck to All 

6 pm - 11 pm

24 Ferndale Industrial Dr, Barrie

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we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Our Office hours are Mon-Fri 10 Am - 6 Pm


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